Senior Moving Services

Have you recently lost a spouse or partner? Do you have limited mobility? Are your parents across country and need help moving? Are you rightsizing into a retirement community or assisted living facility? Are you a busy professional/parent with aging parents and need extra hands to ensure that everything goes smoothly for your parents move? 

When you consider that moving is the #3 TOP life stressor and you add any one of the above scenarios to the equation, what you get is instant overwhelm, stress and maybe what feels impossible to accomplish. 

There are so many things to remember decisions to make and so much to pack while you still try to live an already full life. If you are a senior and/or have physical limitations, this compounds the stress level and can make the whole process feel overwhelming and near impossible.  Moving can be especially hard on seniors, both physically and psychologically and involves many moving parts. There are many memories and emotions attached to belongings that may have to be let go. Having support during this process is very important.

This is where myself and my team want to step in and help! We genuinely love working with and supporting our senior community and their families. Here are some of the ways in which we can help make the moving process simpler, stress-free and smoother:

  • Offer a free in-home consultation, where I will view your home & belongings, and make recommendations so you can select my services that work best for you.
  • Work with you and/or your family to define goals and set a timeline of when when move needs to be done.
  • Coordinate with retirement home/assisted living as needed for timelines, layout and moving company assistance.
  • Sort belongings to make the sometimes difficult decisions of what to keep, sell, donate or hand down to loved ones.
  • Assist with consigning items for resale that you may want to sale rather than donate.
  • Space planning for your new home to ensure that what you take, will fit in the space beautifully.
  • Pack with unpacking in mind - which will make your move-in efficient and easy. Boxes will be clearly labeled.
  • Oversee and interact with the movers on your behalf, ensuring the plan is being followed and that your home and belongings are safe. 
  • Unpack & set up your new home. Let us unpack boxes, dispose of the trash, set up the kitchen and bathroom, and organize closets. 
  • Manage clearing the estate of what is left behind. May look like an estate sale, junk haulers, donation drop-offs, etc.
  • Create a sense of Home in no time so you can enjoy your new surroundings and settle in. 
We are ready to go above and beyond to ensure you get the help you need for a 
smoother move experience!

Contact us today for a free phone consultation, 541-321-8643


Gina helped move my husband's father from his three-bedroom home of many decades into a one-bedroom unit in a senior living facility. He had a lifetime of belongings and collections he couldn't take with him. Gina helped him sort through it all and choose what to keep, donate, sell, and toss, all with a space plan for his new home in mind.

She did so very efficiently and absolutely without judgment. Her rates are very reasonable and I was amazed at what she could accomplish in so little time. We never would have been able to accomplish the move and house sale without her help, and I would absolutely hire her again.

I highly recommend Willow Design and Staging!

Maureen J.

Eugene, OR

I found Gina and her business online when I googled help unpacking for my elderly mother. I called her and we instantly connected and she was so friendly and was genuinely interested in my mom’s story!

She came out and helped my mom unpack all of her stuff and helped her organize it as well!

My mom is so happy that Gina was able to calm the stress in her life! I highly recommend anyone needing this type of service to call Gina! She treated my mom like her own mom!!

Thank you ♥️♥️

Candi H. 

Eugene, OR 

Gina was so wonderful! Best moving experience I ever had. 

She took care of everything and helped keep me centered.

Would hire her again in a minute!

John W.

Eugene, OR