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Willow Design and staging was an excellent company to work with from start to finish of our project. Gina was organized and very professional. She heard the objective and she knock it out of the park.

We are extremely happy with Willow Design and would 100% recommend Gina and her team.

Wilson Johnson // Eugene, OR

I found Gina and her business on line when I googled help unpacking for my elderly mother. I called her and we instantly connected and she was so friendly and was genuinely interested in my mom’s story! She came out and helped my mom unpack all of her stuff and helped her organize it as well!

My mom is so happy that Gina was able to calm the stress in her life! I highly recommend anyone needing this type of service to call Gina! She treated my mom like her own mom!! Thank you ♥️♥️

Candi Hook // Eugene, OR

Gina works with all my real estate clients who are selling their home, and she consistently displays genius in her social skills & design.  

My clients are energized by her contagious enthusiasm. She see possibility for every room.  I love watching it unfold, and even more I love the results that come picture day!

Heather White // Realtor Eugene, OR

Jacalyn Reddy

Silver Falls Dermatology

I work for Silver Falls Dermatology and we hired Gina to help with a huge storage room we have full of items. She did an amazing job helping us determine what can be donated and what to keep.

She was quick and helpful! I would recommend her if you are looking for some help with tough clutter areas! She is truly the best person for the job!!

Brandon Lewis

Gina has been essential in helping get me back on track after a big move, and a series of other "life events." I had papers piling up. And was getting overwhelmed, and losing track of important things.

Gina helped me turn a a real paper monster into an orderly system of binders and files. Thumbs Up!

Mike Mercer

Gina was great! She was very thorough during the consultation to understand what my goals were, which was reclaim my garage and purge things.


She did a terrific job of sorting items, having me decide what to keep and what to purge, and then organized the final location for those to keep. It was a very effective process and now I am parking in my garage!

I appeared on Legacy List with Matt Paxton Season 4, Episode 4 2023. This was such an incredible opportunity! I was asked to come in to assist Patty with paper organization and also to organize her home office. You can watch the episode below.

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Gina is organized, professional and very easy to work with. Her design and organizational skills are superb. I highly recommend Willow Design & Staging for any and all of your staging needs!

Sean Jones // Eugene, OR

When I arrived in Eugene back in September last year I was overwhelmed with the move and broken in my body. I reached out to Willow Design and Gina came right over and helped me get organized. I'm not an easy person to work with, a little on the querky side, but Gina had no fear, jumping in doing a beautiful job . I am so proud of my little house. She's coming back in the Spring to organize my new bedroom and patio. Highly recommend this lady with her generous heart in kind spirit.

Katie Pier // Eugene, OR

I reached out to Gina for assistance in re-organizing a couple of rooms. I quickly realized that her skills go well beyond staging.  Gina has a marvelous aesthetic sense and has been so helpful in creating spaces that are wonderful to be in! We have worked on several projects together and I find Gina to be thoroughly enjoyable, as well as a quick study and full of great insights. I recommend her services without hesitation.

Laura Parrish // Eugene, OR

Amber Lusso

Hiring Gina was most definitely the best decision ever! Aside from being the nicest person ever, She truly listened to what I wanted and helped me redesign and organize my home office. Before working with Gina, I didn’t love my office space. It felt consistently crowded and messy.
Now, I love being in my office! It is currently a thought-out design and organized in a stylish way that I can be proud of. I love being in my office and feel more productive than ever! I honestly wish that I didn’t wait so long to hire her.
I would highly recommend Gina for any project, big or small. Seeing how she can transform a room into something I could have never imagined is beyond words! I am so thankful to have found her. I look forward to working with her again and creating rooms and spaces that I love!

Jenny Nim

One of the best decisions I’ve ever made was hiring Gina! Before working with her I was embarrassed and stressed about my space but now I’m able to work and live comfortably. Not only is she extremely encouraging, the information and ideas she provides are unique. Since this experience I have had a more relaxed routine. By having an organized space my life with my pets and in general has gotten easier. I couldn’t see it for
myself before, but Gina helped me create my dream room.

Tasha Lane

I can't praise Gina enough. She was so effective in helping with our garage organizing project. She is friendly, professional and a real joy to work with. We were overwhelmed with cleaning out our packed garage. She helped us plan and attack the whole process. My husband who didn't think we needed a professional organizer was SO happy with the results he totally changed his mind. We both would give her 10 stars. Her fees are very reasonable and SO worth every penny.

Sherry Stills

Gina was kind, understanding and listened to what I was wanting to accomplish but had no idea how. She has great patients when you are overwhelmed and stressed and she can take total chaos and bring it to order. Love, love what she did in my office/studio ❤️ I would post pictures but cannot figure out how.

Jennifer Conlon

I was sooo fortunate to have a virtual organizing session with Gina Crafton from @willowdesignandstaging and it was AMAZING! In just one session, Gina made me feel comfortable, I felt heard and had fun! She was sooo accepting of me and my clutter (I never once felt judged or that I was “less than”). I actually intended to ask for help with my overstuffed dresser drawers but she also assisted me with tips for my closet too since they are all connected. Gina allowed me to realize that 4 seasons of clothing from what was a previous walk-in closet in a newer home was not going to fit in our old Victorian home closet. She broke down easy, very manageable and achievable steps without causing overwhelm. She even demonstrated how to best fold clothing to fit in the drawers so I could see everything at a glance. All of this was via Zoom! I feel so much more calmer & peaceful and am so happy to go in my drawers and closet! I highly recommend her and her services! Thank you so much, Gina for freeing me of clutter but truly so much more!!! 🙏🏻💗 YOU ROCK 🙌

I had never hired an organizational specialist before. I was hesitant, but decided to try one, and then quit if I didn't like her. Gina is marvelous. She is very fair about hours and charges. She has never criticized. shamed me, made me feel my clutter was hopeless, nor ordered me around. She is solution oriented. She makes kind and tactful suggestions. Then she listens to my thoughts about it, and we come up with some solutions that we both have a part in. She is well informed, and chock full of creative ideas. Not once did I feel anything but her intelligence, knowledge, kindness, respect and consideration. 

Sometimes, in my youth, my father would make up superlatives, when he felt that most of the ones in the English language had been in short supply or overworked. Or maybe he just wanted to be humorous. Consequently, I'll say that Gina is *absotively, posilutely* stellar in her field. I am delighted with her help.

Delina Porter // Springfield, OR

Working with Gina was great! Not only did we get a lot of the space and items organized, I had so much fun doing it and working with her. She works in a way that’s calm and really listens well. She can also be very dynamic and flexible with new creative solutions on the fly. She helped me achieve my project in a way that best suited my needs. I appreciated that she did not have any preconceived rigid ideas of what my home should be. 
Anyone who works with Gina would be very lucky to have someone fun and extremely competent!

Jin Ah Park // Portland, OR

Thank you again for all of your help not only in the physical packing, but in the emotional support as well!  You helped make the move so much less stressful and I am forever grateful!

Ashley Campbell // Eugene, OR

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